One of the best ways to learn about poker is to learn from those who are more experienced than you. You should study other players and read a lot about the game. You can learn a lot about the outcomes of big tournaments and how the pros played the game. You can also learn a lot from other experts. The best place to get these types of information and learning opportunities is from blogs. There are many poker blogs out there on the web, but some are more valuable and thorough than others. Here are the ones you need to visit and read.

1. Pro Player Blogs

Some of the pro poker players have their own blogs where they share tips on strategy, general play, and bluffing. You can often also find a lot of great videos by them on YouTube channels. Players like Daniel Negreanu have their own blogs where they share their knowledge and experience. So, look up your favorite players and find their blogs to start learning.

2. PokerNews

PokerNews is one of the top poker blogs around. They share a whole lot of helpful tips and also give instructions on playing, strategies, and more. The blog has been around for a while and is often quoted and linked to by other blogs. They offer the latest news and tournament developments as well.

1 - Top Blogs for Learning More and Improving Your Poker Game

3. Pokerlistings

Pokerlistings is a power blog when it comes to poker. This blog offers everything you can possibly want to know about poker, the players, the pros, and more. They offer basic tips, basic rules, advanced strategy tips, and much more.

2 - Top Blogs for Learning More and Improving Your Poker Game

4. PokerStars

PokerStars has been voted the best poker blog by many readers. It not only offers information and tips for new and old players, but it also links to actual online poker rooms. You can trust the casino sites that this blog links to. You get the whole nine yards from this blog and it is a must-read for any poker enthusiasts.

3 - Top Blogs for Learning More and Improving Your Poker Game

These blogs will be great additions to the things you have learned here on The DAF. Once you have finished our basic information and tips, these blogs can offer you more advanced tips and strategies to take you game to pro level if that is what you want to do.