Poker nights are a very popular thing these days. You can have poker nights that are boys’ night, girls’ nights, just friendly gatherings, or even a poker party for a birthday. Hosting a poker night is a lot of fun and sure to be a success. After you have worked through our previous posts, you should now have a very good understanding of poker and how to play it. You should also have done some research to learn more and see how the pros do it. Now you can put all you know into hosting a fun night of poker and showing off your skills.

These are our poker night tips:

41 - Poker at Home: Tips for Hosting Poker Night
Set a date and invite the guests. Your first step should be to invite at least three or four friends to join your poker night. You can invite more and maybe have two tables if there are more than ten players. Set a date that suits everyone and book it in your diary. You should try and invite friends who know something about poker and also people who will not spoil the game by being a sore loser or something like that.

42 - Poker at Home: Tips for Hosting Poker Night
Plan the poker stuff. You should make sure that you have the right venue (your home most likely) with a big enough table to accommodate all the players. Get poker sets that include decks of cards and poker chips. The number you need will depend on how many people will be playing. Read this article of ours again to check that you have all the necessary poker tools.

43 - Poker at Home: Tips for Hosting Poker Night
Plan the extras. Poker night is more than just a game of poker and then everyone leaves. Poker can go on for some time. When you host a poker night, it usually includes providing snacks and drinks. You can arrange that everyone brings something so you don’t have to carry all the costs or you can cater for everyone. The best options for poker night food are easy to eat food that can be eaten by hand. Good examples of poker night food include chips, pizza, sandwiches, jerky, pretzels, egg rolls, etc. Anything that can be eaten by hand should be good. Drinks should include a range of everything from beer to brandy to juice and water.

44 - Poker at Home: Tips for Hosting Poker Night
Decide on a set of rules. In a casino or online, there are rules that the establishment or poker room set. When you host a poker night it is a bit less formal and you will need to set certain guidelines and rules. All the players should agree on rules regarding the buy-ins, maximum amounts to be played, bathroom breaks, eating and smoking at the table, swearing and name-calling, bad behavior, etc. You need clear rules on these points to avoid drama and the potential of ending friendships.

These four broad areas are what you need to prepare for hosting a poker night. It is a great way to practice and it is also a great way to spend time with friends. You are guaranteed to have a blast. Find more tips here. Also, visit our EVENTS page for more practice opportunities.