To play poker, you need a few basic tools. These tools are both physical things as well as mental things. Poker is a versatile game that requires both human and non-human tools. You should have a look at our previous posts about the basics of the game and why you should play. Also, look out for our next post coming soon about the rules and gameplay of poker.

So, what do you need to play poker?

21 - Tools of Poker: Hardware and Software

Cards – Poker is a card-based game and you will need at least two decks of cards. If the game goes on for a long time, the first deck may get a bit damaged and then you need to replace it.

Chips – You need several chips to play poker. The number of chips will depend on the number of players. Each chip gets a value assigned to it. Read more about chips value here. If you don’t have chips, you can use any other small objects that you can assign a value to.

Friends – You need more than one person to play poker. In general, four is the lowest number to play if you want a good game. Eight or ten players are ideal.

A table – A table is quite important. You don’t need to have a proper poker table, although it does look cool. Any table that is sturdy and has enough room to seat all the players will do.

Money – If you are playing for money, you need money and you need a minimum or maximum buy-in. Everyone who wants to play must bring a specific amount to the table to make it worthwhile.

Knowledge of the Rules – This is a very important tool. If you don’t know how to play or what the rules are, you will find the game difficult. So, read up before you start playing.

Your Wits – You need to keep your wits about you to try and win the game. Everyone will be playing for themselves and with different strategies. You need to bring your own strategies to the table.

Mental Toughness – Poker is a game of skill, not only of chance. You need to bring your math skills, your problem-solving skills, and your people-reading skills. All these will help you play poker better.

The Hands – It is very important that you know the hand rankings very well. If you know them well enough, you will be able to calculate and predict to a certain point whether your cards will give you the best hands or not. This knowledge can save you from playing a losing hand and losing all your money. So, this is very important to bring with you.

Computer or Smart Device – If you want to play poker online, you don’t need all the physical stuff, but you will need the mental and human stuff.

These are the tools you will need to play poker. Once you have everything together, it is only a matter of practice and continually learning more about the game. Read some more helpful information here.