The DAF team believes that the best way to learn about poker and how to play poker is to actually play poker. You can learn a lot from reading and you must do research, but in the end, poker is a practical game and you need to learn by playing.

The DAF EVENTS page is a way to help you find ways and places to play. All of these events can offer you either a great opportunity to play and learn or a great opportunity to watch and learn. So, make use of it and learn as much as you can.

Arizona Amateur Poker Tournament – November 3rd to 5th

Arizona has an amateur poker tournament that is great for players who have been playing for a while but have not yet played more experienced opponents. If you are happy to lose a few dollars for a learning experience, you can enter to play. If you would rather observe and learn, this is still a great opportunity.

Poker Beginners Club – Last Saturday of every month

The DAF hosts a poker beginners club where we teach the basics and offer you the chance to play a real game without the risk of losing your money. It is a training experience for anyone who wants to improve their game.

Annual Gaming Seminar – February 3rd

You can also attend the annual gaming seminar held in Seligman. You can learn all about the newest trends, games, and poker advances. Get the best tips and information on online poker and more.