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The DAF team would like to invite beginner players and seasoned players to write for us. We are a few guys who have been playing the game for many years and we know a lot about poker. However, you can always learn more and with the development of technology and online poker, may things have changed. So, we would like to hear from you about your experiences, questions, and any advice you may have for beginner players.

Write for Us

It is very simple to contribute to our site. You simply need to write to us or for us. Here’s how you can contribute;

  1. Write comments and questions on posts and other comments to contribute your advice or further questions.
  2. Share your own beginner stories and experiences. Tell us about your struggles and all the things you learned and how you improved your game. We will feature your story as a way to inspire and help others.
  3. Be a guest writer for The DAF. This means that you can write poker-related posts for us on a guest-basis. You can share your own tips and advice from experience or you can share some valuable information about casinos or online poker or bluffing, etc. The opportunities are endless.

If you feel that you can contribute in any of these three ways, please do so. You can send any contributions and questions to info@the-daf.comand we will respond within 24 hours.

We look forward to learning from you.