a1 - AboutThe DAF is a poker resource site for anyone who wants to take up poker. We offer all the basics, great tips, and a lot of information on getting started and improving your game. Our main purpose is to get you out of the starting blocks and equip you with a good understanding of the game and how to play. This is not a resource site for advanced players.

The DAF team are all poker enthusiasts who have taught many people to play poker whether it is a hobby or a way to make a side income. People play poker for many different reasons and our writers understand this. We are a small team and we just want to share our knowledge and experience with people out there.

Playing poker is a great thing and it can change your life in many ways – good ways. When played responsibly and in the right spirit, poker is a fun and interactive game with the added bonus of possibly winning some money. For us, the money was never the main goal. We just love the game for its strategy, human behavior, and curveballs. It is truly exciting and always entertaining when you play poker.